2015 – The Year Ahead

If you can handle one more Top 10 (+1) list of things for 2015, below are some clinical and research highlights we can look forward to over the next 12 months at the Stollery Children’s Hospital PCWH…and beyond!

In no particular order:

1. Developing and using an electronic health record (eClinician) for PCWH patient booking and charting, which catches us up with most other clinics at the Stollery

2. Working in partnership with our medical and allied health colleagues at the Stollery to integrate ‘weight management’ into other outpatient pediatric clinics

3. Delivering our Parents as Agenst of Change (PAC) weight management intervention to more parents of children enrolled at the PCWH

4. Holding our 2nd Annual PCWH Team Retreat (hurry up, summertime!)

5. Planning and implementing a home care-based service to provide weight management care for PCWH families

6. Attending the 4th Canadian Obesity Summit in Toronto

7. Welcoming new PCWH team members, including a Data Analyst, Dietitian, Research Coordinator, and PhD student (stay tuned for details!)

8. Finalizing and testing our primary care-based RIPPLE intervention designed to help parents prevent obesity in children

9. Getting our RMI-Family study up and running with our colleagues from the PCWH at Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary

10. Publishing several papers based on qualitative data collected from our multi-centre Should I Stay or Should I Go study

11. Continuing to recruit and enroll families into our multi-centre CANadian Pediatric Weight management Registry study

Looking forward to another rewarding and productive year. Have a happy, healthy, and fun 2015!


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