Home Sweet Home

We have news on a few fronts related to using home visits for managing pediatric obesity at the Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health (Stollery Children’s Hospital), including:

1. Our team, led by Theresa Abday (PCWH Outreach Coordinator) and Melody Cesar (Research Coordinator), is continuing to develop and refine a plan for conducting home visits for our families at the PCWH. Our home visits will be designed to complement in-clinic care for families. Our experience to date has highlighted the specific value of offering home visits for our children and youth (and the staff) residing in group homes.

2. Mary Jetha (PCWH Medical Lead; Associate Professor, Dept of Pediatrics), Nick Spence (Post-doctoral Fellow, Dept of Pediatrics) and I, in partnership with our PCWH clinicians, are submitting a small research grant to the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute later this month. Our plan is to explore families’ perceptions and experiences regarding home visits over the next year. This information will be useful to inform our clinical services and determine future research and evaluation priorities.

3. With Catherine Birken (University of Toronto; Hospital for Sick Children) and Jess Haines (University of Guelph), Nick Spence and I wrote, and recently had accepted, a manuscript detailing the potential value of using home visits in pediatric weight management. The abstract and pdf will be posted once our paper is published by the journal (Acta Paediatrica).

4. Finally, along with our trainees who’ll be presenting their original research at the Canadian Obesity Summit in Toronto, I was invited to give a talk on the potential merits of home visits for managing pediatric obesity. Hope it generates some good discussion.


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