The Only Constant is Change

The Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health at the Stollery Children’s Hospital is a dynamic clinic. Our most recent example?After dedicating several decades of her professional life to working as a registered nurse, PCWH Nurse and Clinic Coordinator Anna Stephenson is retiring.

Anna has been with our program since (almost) the beginning in 2005. It’s been a great pleasure to work with her over the years, especially as she’s dedicated so much time and energy into developing the nursing role as the key coordinating position for our team and families. It’s also been wonderful to see Anna prepare for this next chapter of her life, which will surely include more family time and more frequent trips to their vacation properties.

Although Anna’s last ‘official’ day is today, we’re very fortunate that she’s willing and able to return near the end of August to help orient our new PCWH Nurse and Clinic Coordinator, Trina Letniak, who’s joining us after spending several years working in Public Health. Welcome, Trina!


One thought on “The Only Constant is Change

  1. Kind words, thank you Geoff. It has been my priviledge to work with such a dedicated interdisciplinary team. Thank you all for making the last years of my career truly memorable.
    Sincerely, Anna

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