More Help @ Home

As posted previously, we’re conducting a study to explore the potential role for home visits in pediatric weight management. We’re still awaiting ethics approval, but Dr. Mary Jetha (Study PI) and I are getting organized so we can hit the ground running soon. I’m happy to say that Nicole Gehring (Research Coordinator, Dept of Pediatrics, UAlberta) will be leading our study day-to-day, which will include partnering with clinicians, recruiting and interviewing families, and managing data. This clinical work will be a good complement to her administrative support for our CIHR team grant. Over the next two terms, Daniel Neuman (4th Year Nutrition Student, UAlberta) will complete a research placement with us, and will be a great help to the project with data collection and analysis. Thanks again to Dr. Nick Spence (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dept of Pediatrics, UAlberta) for all of his background work on this project.

Will follow-up again soon as we make more progress over the coming months.


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