What’s New With YOU!?

When first launched, this blog was intended to keep our team (clinicians, trainees, administrators) up-to-date on clinical and research issues regarding the Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Over the past year, it’s scope has broadened to include complementary topics; however, reflecting on recent (and anticipating some upcoming) changes, I thought the following points were worth sharing:

  • This week marked the first clinic for our new PCWH Registered Nurse and Clinic Coordinator (Trina Letniak) and our new Pediatrician (Dr. Lois Sim). While Dr. Mary Jetha remains our PCWH Medical Lead, her endocrinology clinics will be held monthly. Overall, it was a very busy day on Wednesday!
  • We’ve been fortunate to have a Data Analyst (Chen Peng) on our team for some time now. Thanks to Chen’s work in tracking our health services data, we learned that July 2015 was our busiest month…ever! We also learned that the number of no-show appointments at the PCWH for the month of July remained below our historical average for the 4th or 5th consecutive month. Overall, these positive trends are a testament to our clinicians and their ongoing efforts to support our families in making healthy changes.
  • Recently, Theresa Abday (PCWH Outreach Coordinator) and I have been working with Gail Shipowich (Senior Advisor, Talent Management Strategies, Alberta Health Services) to plan our 2nd Annual PCWH Retreat, which will be held on Monday October 19th. Along with reviewing our successes and challenges over the past year, we’ll be looking ahead into 2015/2016 by identify projects and priorities for our team to take on. More details to follow…
  • I met with Tim Tsounis (Director, Inpatient & Ambulatory Care, Stollery Children’s Hospital) this past week. Although there was some discussion over the summer about relocating our clinic to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, that plan was shelved for a few reasons, one of which was the big price tag to renovate the space to accommodate our team. Presently, there is no immediate plan for our clinic to move, but planning continues on the Stollery ‘2030 Plan’, which means that the PCWH will be back at the Stollery site…sometime over the next 15 years.
  • Finally, over the next month or so, we’ll continue to have a few team member changes, with Thea Moss returning to her Outreach Coordinator role in October, a new Secretary joining our clinic, and additional trainees and research staff supporting our ongoing (CANPWR) and new (RMI-Family; Home Visit) clinical studies. The PCWH remains a dynamic place.

Will continue to keep you updated as things unfold…


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