“Include Key Info, Not Too Much Text, Make Them Pretty”

In talking with our colleagues at the Stollery Children’s Hospital, we learned that physicians wanted more (and better!) information about the services available for families at our Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health.

From our qualitative research, we also learned that how referring physicians explain weight management services to families (Are they knowledgeable about what’s available? Are they confident in the accessibility and effectiveness of the services?) influences families’ decision to follow-up and initiate care.

To address these issues, and better support our colleagues and families, we worked with John Smith and his team at ArtSmith¬†Communications to develop PCWH infographics for families and clinicians at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. The response to these resources has been overwhelmingly positive (we’re on our second printing already), which is due…at least in part…to all of the time, energy, thought, and collaboration that went into them.


PCWH Infographic – For Clinicians – 20Jul15 PCWH Infographic – For Families – 20Jul15 PCWH Infographic – Tips for Families – 20Jul15

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