PAC is back….but it never really left

In case you haven’t heard, the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) recently launched a new website, which now includes both public and professional domains. It looks great!

The CON was also kind enough to help get the word out regarding the availability of our Parents as Agents of Change (PAC) program. A 16-session intervention designed for parents of 6 to 12 year olds, PAC was intended to help parents and families make healthy lifestyle, behavioural, and cognitive changes to improve nutrition and physical activity, which can enable successful weight management. A key feature of PAC, and one of the original reasons for developing and testing the intervention, was to disseminate it to others who don’t necessarily have the time, money or expertise for intervention development and evaluation.

Thanks to support from the CON, and Brad Hussey and Ximena Ramos-Salas in particular, more health care professionals will be aware of PAC and how it might complement the family-centred support and services they offer.


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