Practice Makes Perfect

Over the past couple of days, I was in Ottawa for a meeting organized by the Canadian Paediatric Society. Among other things, the CPS includes a number of committees (made up of regular members) that advocate for different issues that influence the health of Canadian children. Our Healthy Active Living and Sports Medicine Committee prioritized a couple projects to work on over the next year. 

Specifically, we’ll be working to develop some brief, educational resources called ‘Practice Points’ in 2016 to help pediatricians gain knowledge, skills, and competence in issues related to pediatric obesity. For example, one PP will focus on bariatric surgery; another will include how best to talk about weight and health with families. Once completed, they’re published in Paediatrics and Child Health, the official journal of the CPS.

One group that places a lot of value in the PPs includes pediatric residents; PPs are required reading for these trainees and many questions for their exams are derived from PPs, so these resources represent an excellent opportunity to inform the next generation of pediatricians. Because they’re translated into French, they’re also accessed widely by French-speaking trainees from around the world, which is a great way to enhance knowledge translation within and beyond our borders. C’est magnifique!


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