New Paper Published – Why Do Families Initiate Weight Management?

To kick off 2016 on a positive note, we’re continuing to publish data collected as part of our Should I Stay or Should I Go? Study. Most recently, our paper (led by Arnaldo Perez, PhD Candidate, Dept of Pediatrics, UAlberta) on reasons and facilitators behind families’ decision to initiate pediatric weight management was published in Child: Care, Health and Development.

At a time when many researchers and clinicians are working to understand and predict attrition from weight management, it was encouraging to take a strengths-based approach to explore how families overcame potential barriers and challenges to accessing services to help their families improve their health and well-being.

On a related note, our Should I Stay or Should I Go? Study will be coming to an end in 2016 as we write, submit, and publish our final papers, some of which are already in review. Will keep you posted as everything is finalized over the coming months.


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