Support in the Classroom

A common issue faced by clinicians working with families engaged in weight management includes how best to support boys and girls in the school setting.

This can include encouraging and enabling opportunities for children to eat healthfully and be physically active. Often, it means working to ensure children with obesity are supported from a psychosocial perspective, which can include liaising directly with teachers and school administrators to instill a positive, empowering learning environment. Key interventions need to educate about the complex nature of obesity, address weight bias, and focus on improved health outcomes for all students.

Given their collective experience in school, clinical, and community settings, psychologists Laurie Gaboury (PCWH Stollery) and Chris Orosz (PCWH Misericordia) collaborated to co-author a chapter on pediatric obesity in a recently published textbook – Medical and Psychosocial Problems in the Classroom: The Teacher’s Role in Diagnosis and Management (5th ed.). It’s a wonderful resource for teachers that addresses a range of common (and less common) pediatric illnesses and health concerns. Congratulations, Laurie and Chris!


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