Coming Attractions: Our Research in 2016

The main purpose of starting our blog a couple years ago was to connect our group of clinic-focused team members with our research-focused team members. We work in different buildings across different sites, and our day-to-day schedules are variable, so regular communication can be limited between clinicians and researchers.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll provide an update on clinical activities at the PCWH, but to start off, details about our researchers and their plans for 2016 are below.

Jill AVIS (PhD Candidate): Based on the results from a recently-completed randomized controlled trial to test the effect of RIPPLE (the Resource Information Program for Parents on Lifestyle and Education) to prevent childhood obesity, Jill will continue to analyze data and write manuscripts that will comprise her dissertation. She plans to defend her PhD later this summer!

Nadia BROWNE (PhD Student): Nadia will oversee the Readiness and Motivation Interview for Families (RMI-Family) study this coming year, which will be the main source of data for her dissertation. Specifically, she will keep everyone up-to-date via our blog; recruit, enroll, and interview families; manage data collection; and link with our colleagues in Calgary at our second study site.

Melody CESAR (Research Coordinator): Melody leads the day-to-day coordination and organization of the CANadian Pediatric Weight management Registry (CANPWR) study. As one of 10 sites from across the country, she will continue to recruit and enroll families into CANPWR from the PCWH as well as follow-up with families for longitudinal data collection.

Samah DAMANHOURY (PhD Candidate): With her ongoing research on metabolically healthy obesity (MHO) in children, Samah will continue her work this year by completing a scoping review, combined with a Delphi study, to identify universal definition(s) for MHO. She’ll also support the CANPWR study by helping with family recruitment and data entry, which will be important in the longer-term as she will use CANPWR data to examine MHO in Canadian children.

Nicole GEHRING (Research Coordinator): Her two main responsibilities include managing the day-to-day activities for our Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children (Team ABC3), a national team grant designed to improve our understanding and management of severe obesity in children. Nicole also manages research activities for our Home Visit study, a qualitative project to explore families’ perceptions of home visits, complement clinical care for managing pediatric obesity at the PCWH

Maryam KEBBE (MSc Student): After arriving in Edmonton this month, Maryam is off-and-running with developing her graduate research. She will continue our ongoing research on CONversation Cards, which will include a retrospective medical record review of families who used the cards at the PCWH over the past couple of years. She will also carry out new research (literature review + qualitative study) that will be used to develop of a deck of CONversation Cards specifically for teens enrolled in weight management.

Aislin MUSHQUASH (Post-doctoral Fellow): After finalizing our manuscript describing the development of our Parents as Agents of Change intervention (submitted for publication), Aislin will continue working on leading secondary data analysis from the CANPWR study, which will include examining the impact of the social milieu (home, school, and community settings) on health-related quality of life among children enrolled in the CANPWR study.

Daniel NEUMAN (Undergraduate Nutrition Student): Daniel has been working with Nicole to interview families enrolled in the Home Study at the PCWH. As part of his NUTR 400 course at UAlberta, he will present preliminary analyses from this qualitative research later in the spring.

Kathleen O’CONNOR (Post-doctoral Fellow): Kathleen will continue her work with the RMI-Family study, focusing especially on issues related to clinical interviewing and psychological predictors of family and youth functioning. She continues her work on a separate project to explore the personal and professional challenges commonly faced by clinicians working in the field of pediatric obesity.

Arnaldo PEREZ (PhD Candidate): Along with helping to finalize a few manuscripts from our Should I Stay or Should I Go study, Arnaldo will conduct a quantitative study with a provincial dataset to determine the predictors of whether or not children enroll in pediatric weight management in Alberta. He will also conduct a systematic review on the effectiveness of active and passive methods to recruit families for pediatric obesity management.

Nicholas SPENCE (Post-doctoral Fellow): Nick recently joined a new research group to complete a fellowship at Harvard University, but he will continue his ongoing work on several projects, including the RMI-Family study, Home Visits study, and complete several manuscripts derived from data collected as part of our Parents as Agents of Change® Randomized Controlled Trial, which includes examining and exploring issues related to intervention attrition.

Looking forward to a productive and successful 2016!

GB (…who will likely be very busy just trying to keep up with everyone!)

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