New Paper Published – Staging System for Pediatric Obesity


As many of you know, the body mass index (BMI) was originally intended as a tool to assess the health of groups and populations. However, it’s application at the individual level was based on it’s pretty good, positive relationship with body fatness and some cardiometabolic health risks.

Those of us working in the field of pediatric weight management know that many boys and girls who satisfy the criteria for ‘overweight’ or ‘obesity’ do not present clinically with overt health risks; two children can also have the same weight status, but possess very different health profiles. These issues highlight a couple of the inherent limitations of the BMI.

Recently, a group of researchers and clinicians proposed a system to classify children with obesity based on their health risks rather than their BMI. Following in the footsteps of Arya Sharma and colleagues who proposed and validated the Edmonton Obesity Staging System (EOSS), details of the EOSS for pediatrics (EOSS-P) was published (see pdf below) recently in Paediatrics and Child Health.

Led by Stasia Hadjiyannakis (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute), a number of Team ABC3 team members (including Drs. Mary Jetha and Laurie Gaboury from the Stollery PCWH) collaborated on this project. The EOSS-P has already gained quite a bit of interest (even before publication), and will be evaluated more formerly as one of our Team ABC3 studies led by Katherine Morrison (McMaster University) and her team using data from the CANadian Pediatric Weight management Registry (CANPWR).


Hadjiyannakis et al., Paediatr Child Health, 2016

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