While most of the research I do focuses on obesity and weight management, it’s been fun and educational to participate in projects that are outside of this area. One good example is…

food insecurity. For the past several years, I’ve worked alongside Noreen Willows and several of her trainees on research related to food insecurity on campus at the University of Alberta. Noreen and I have co-supervised Mahitab Hanbazaza for a number of years, and she’s done both quantitative and qualitative research to describe characteristics of food bank users on campus and explore the experiences of international students who struggle with food insecurity. Unfortunately, and perhaps not unexpectedly, food insecurity is not uncommon among students living far from home, and they use a number of strategies in addition to accessing the campus food bank to cope with finding food (of adequate quantity and quality) to eat.

It’s my pleasure to announce that Mahitab successfully defended her PhD earlier this week. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, she achieved her goal while only a couple months postpartum (there should be a special award for that).

Congrats, Mahitab!


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