Weight Bias Interventions + Parents Recommendations = 2 Great New Papers to Read!

Over the past couple of weeks, we published two new papers on topics that might be of interest to you.

First, led by colleagues Shelly Russell-Mayhew and Angela Alberga from the University of Calgary, I co-authored a review (Alberga et al., Clin Obes, 2016) on interventions designed to address weight bias and stigma among health care professionals, which was published in Clinical Obesity. While quite a bit has been published in this area over recent years, as highlighted in the paper, any positive impact of interventions on long-term outcomes remains to be examined. Ultimately, that’s the kind of impact that’ll be needed to help clinicians provide the best care possible to individuals living with obesity.

Second, using data collected from our Should I Stay or Should I Go? project, Melissa Tremblay (with help from Arnaldo Perez and many others) published a paper (Tremblay et al., Acad Pediatr, 2016) in Academic Pediatrics on parents’ recommendations for improving health services for managing pediatric obesity. Based on interview data collected from parents in Vancouver, Edmonton, Hamilton, and Montreal, this report revealed a number of practical recommendations that can inform clinical and administrative changes in our work with families. Beyond some ‘quick wins’ that could be implemented through shorter term quality improvement work, experimental research is needed to examine whether incorporating any/some/all of parents’ recommendations reduces clinically-important variables such as program attrition and children’s health outcomes.


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