Congratulations, Nadia and Maryam!

Later this fall, many of us in Edmonton will be heading to Ottawa for the 6th Conference on Recent Advances in Preventing and Treating Obesity in Children. Our research team will be presenting data on a variety of topics, including metabolically healthy obesity, parents’ recommendations to enhance enrollment in weight management, and home visits for managing pediatric obesity.

I’m very happy to share news that our own Nadia Browne (PhD Student, Dept of Pediatrics, UAlberta) and Maryam Kebbe (MSc Student, Dept of Pediatrics, UAlberta) received Travel Awards from the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute to attend the conference and present their research.

Nadia is presenting a poster titled: “Can a novel eHealth tool nudge parents to discuss children’s weight status with their pediatrician?”, which is based on secondary data analysis from our recently-completed RIPPLE Study.

Maryam’s poster presentation is: “The application of CONversation Cards in pediatric weight management: findings from a retrospective medical record review study”, which is based on our clinical experience in using CONversation Cards at our weight management clinic.

Way to go, Nadia & Maryam!


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