New Publication – RIPPLE

Over the past few years, we published several papers related to developing and refining an eHealth intervention for parents to prevent obesity in children. Our Resource Information Program for Parents on Lifestyle and Education (RIPPLE) Study was led day-to-day by Jill Byrne (Avis; PhD Graduand, Dept of Pediatrics, UAlberta).

The final paper both from Jill’s thesis and from our RIPPLE project was released today, which included a comparison of different brief interventions that were designed to ‘nudge’ parents to access tools and resources that could help to promote healthy lifestyle habits in their children (see pdf below). While we didn’t find any differences between our interventions, RIPPLE was feasible, acceptable, and encouraged parents to access information about how they could support their children’s health and wellness.

RIPPLE was designed as a demonstration project, to develop a tool that families liked and primary care-based clinicians valued to help draw attention to preventing obesity in children and promoting healthy lifestyles in families. Our plan is to build on what we learned through ‘RIPPLE 1.0’, expand this research to include other partners (academic, clinical, administrative), and start refining/testing/disseminating ‘RIPPLE 2.0’ in 2017.



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