Welcome New Team Members!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a couple exciting additions to our team.

Kellea Selmser (PCWH Nurse and Clinic Coordinator) has worked at the Stollery Children’s Hospital for the past 11 years, focusing most of her time and energy in pediatric medicine. Kellea is very much looking forward to work with our amazing team to help (1) reduce the impact of weight bias and stigma in children with obesity and (2) children and their families make their lives as healthy and happy as possible.

Marcus O’Neill (Research Coordinator, Dept of Pediatrics, UAlberta) recently returned to Edmonton after spending several years working and traveling abroad. Marcus worked at UAlberta previously, coordinating research activities for the Human Nutrition Research Unit, which included overseeing the development of a Whole Body Calorimetry Unit (one of only two in Canada), which is designed to measure energy balance and energy metabolism. His work with our team includes leading the day-to-day research activites for our CANPWR Study as well as supporting our RMI-Family Project.

Welcome Kellea and Marcus!


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