Not sure where to publish your research paper? Try the New York Times!

Most researchers seek to have their research published in the best possible journal. 

Within academia, our bosses (supervisor, department chair, dean) and our peers usually place high value on papers that are published in prestigious medical journals, which often get attention in the popular press and serve to draw attention to the institution, faculty, department and researchers. This also helps to increase the likelihood that the paper will be read by end-users (other academics, students, and increasingly, the public at-large).

However, it can be a challenging endeavor to get research published (for any number of reasons…..lack of novelty, fundamental flaw in study design or data analysis, etc). The growing number of academic journals available to researchers, both reputable and not-so-reputable, suggests there are more venues within which to publish research than ever before. Every paper has a home, they say.

In a novel approach to knowledge translation, one researcher recently published a paper in the New York Times (click HERE for the story at Undark). An interesting approach, which likely superseded any impact and interest his paper would’ve received if it ended up in a traditional academic journal. The price tag? Only $60,000 Canadian (!!!).



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