Making an Impact!

At this time of year, academic journals receive new, updated information about their Impact Factor (IF). which is used as a proxy marker of a journal’s prestige. Although this metric has been criticized …often… in general, the higher the IF, the more prestigious the journal. When information about a new IF is positive (has increased), this usually leads journals to circulate promotional emails or purchase online ads to tout the journals’ success and prominence. This was recently the case for Paediatrics and Child Health, the official journal of the Canadian Paediatric Society.

Along with promoting their new IF, the journal also curated a list of the most popular papers its published over the past couple of years, making them freely available online for a short period. I’m happy to say that one of the papers from Arnaldo Perez’s PhD research, which explored parents’ reasons for not initiating pediatric weight management, made the list (Congrats, Arnaldo!). For a link to Arnaldo’s paper as well as the other popular papers from Paediatrics and Child Health, click HERE.


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