Weight and Health

Any clinician who’s cared for individuals with obesity can attest to how variable the causes and consequences of excess weight can be and that the body mass index is only a proxy, indirect measure of health status.

Over recent years, we published data on metabolically healthy obesity (MHO) among children who enrolled in our weight management clinic in Edmonton. Currently, we’re completing a scoping review and Delphi study to establish a universal definition of MHO in children, which should help to inform future research in MHO (especially when making comparisons between different populations). This research aligns with a growing body of evidence suggests that some excess weight does not always lead to negative health outcomes for individuals, and this is especially relevant for those who have a weight status that puts them in the overweight category.

Recently, an article in The Atlantic highlighted how different researchers arrived at different conclusions regarding the impact of excess weight on health. For an interesting debate, including both science and opinion from some of the leaders in the field of obesity, check out the story HERE.


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