Team ABC3 – Annual General Meeting #2

Last week, we held our 2nd AGM in Toronto for our CIHR Team Grant in Bariatric CareTeam ABC3. It was a great opportunity to share progress on our research, provide a venue for our junior team members to present their research, network with colleagues from across the country, and learn about the complementary research led by Dr. Suzanne Tough (UCalgary) from our Scientific Advisory Board.

This was also our second year offering ‘Office Hours’, a match-making process designed to connect our junior and senior team members for brief meetings during our AGM to encourage information sharing, networking, collegiality, and mentoring. This year, we extended the invitation to academic trainees from the Toronto area, so it was a great way for more emerging clinicians and scientists to connect with our team.

Special thanks to Rebecca Noseworthy and Jill Hamilton for hosting our meeting at Sick Kids in Toronto and to Nicole Gehring (Team ABC3 Research Coordinator) for her organizational superpowers!

Looking forward to AGM #3 in Calgary in fall, 2018.


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