Clinic + Research News for the New Year

It hasn’t been long since the last post in 2017, but a lot has happened since then!

It was with mixed emotions that we said good-bye to Jill Saunders (Outreach Coordinator, Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health) who left our team this past fall to move home with her young family to Prince Edward Island. Our loss is PEI’s gain! Filling her shoes, Christina Sirman-Hundt joined the PCWH as our new Clinic Lead; she comes with lots of great experience from public health and primary care. While Christina’s been with us for only a short time, she’s jumped in with both feet, leading the expansion of our nursing referral system with Edmonton-area public health clinics, updating our clinic pathway with Kellea Selmser (PCWH RN and Clinic Coordinator), and managing incomplete referrals that are submitted from around the province, among other things. Welcome, Christina!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve also had several research successes worth sharing, including:

Dr. Jill Byrne (former PhD Student, Pediatrics, UAlberta; current Director of Clinical Research, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, UAlberta) published a paper in Paediatrics & Child Health on changes in children’s weight status between the time they were referred to the PCWH and the time of their first clinic appointment (see pdf below for details).

Maryam Kebbe (PhD Student, UAlberta) had a commentary accepted by Obesity Research and Clinical Practice, which focused on the role of shared decision-making in pediatric weight management (pdf to follow soon).

Dr. Arnaldo Perez (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Pediatrics, UAlberta) had a commentary accepted for publication in Paediatrics & Child Health that summarized the main findings from his PhD research on treatment initiation in obesity management, which included recommendations for health care professionals to help families enroll in health services for managing obesity (pdf to follow soon).

Nadia Browne (PhD Student, Pediatrics, UAlberta) began recruitment, both in Edmonton and Calgary, for her RMI-Family study that includes teens with obesity and their parents. For more info on this study of family motivation, check out Nadia’s blog at:¬†

Samah Damanhoury (PhD Student, Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sci, UAlberta) submitted her scoping review (+ Delphi study) of metabolically healthy obesity to Obesity Reviews. Samah’s now in the process of applying her new, consensus-based definition of MHO to different data sets; more news to follow as her analyses progress over the coming months.


Byrne et al., PCH, 2018




Maryam’s paper on shared decision-making

Arnaldo’s paper on parents’ recommendations

Christina joining our team

PHN expa

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