You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

We’ve spent a lot of time over the years studying why families start, continue, and end health services designed to help children and families with obesity.

This is an important endeavor since even the best intervention in the world (for weight management or any health condition, for that matter) will only benefit those children and families who enroll and remain engaged. Once we started talking with families and analyzing data from clinics across Canada, it was clear to us that families’ decisions regarding engagement in health services for weight management were based on a range of factors (e.g., logistical, motivational, inter-personal), many of which were grounded in their values and beliefs.

For a fascinating perspective on how values and beliefs (and to a degree, perceptions of fate) influence whether people accept health services for preventing or managing illnesses, this recent story (from NPR) about an isolated community in Boliva may be of interest.


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