Winds of Change

Over the past few weeks, our clinical and research teams made news worth sharing.

We had two new team members join our clinic team, including Jo-Lynn Gibbs (PCWH Nurse and Clinic Coordinator) and Terri McCarthy (PCWH Administrative Support). Jo-Lynn comes to us with diverse experiences in public health (from the community) and intensive care (from the Stollery Children’s Hospital). Terri joins our group after years supporting the clinicians and families within the Alberta Health Services Home Nutrition Support program. Welcome to you both!

I’m very pleased to share news that our own Nicole Gehring (Research Coordinator, Dept of Pediatrics, UAlberta) was recently accepted (Fall, 2018) into the Master of Science program in the UAlberta School of Public Health. Her years of research experience in pediatrics (obesity and mental health) will be put to good use as she transitions to conducting research in addictions. Way to go, Nicole!


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