Breaking News – People and Papers

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a few events worth sharing and celebrating.

After completing his PhD and post-doctoral fellowship, Dr. Arnaldo Perez recently accepted a new position as Research Methodologist in the School of Dentistry (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry) at UAlberta. Along with helping to enhance ongoing curriculum development, he’ll play a key role in helping to build research capacity with faculty members and trainees. Another bonus? He’s staying in the same building, moving upstairs in the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy to the 5th floor ‘penthouse’. Congratulations, Arnaldo!

Yesterday, Maryam Kebbe successfully completed her PhD Candidacy exam to become an ‘official’ PhD Candidate in the Dept of Pediatrics (UAlberta). Maryam did a wonderful job, highlighted by her breadth and depth of knowledge across a range of academic and practical issues. Way to go, Maryam!

The last paper from Arnaldo’s PhD thesis was accepted recently by The Journal of Pediatrics. In these analyses, he examined the prevalence and predictors of treatment initiation of children referred for multidisciplinary weight management in Alberta. These analyses are a good example of how data informed practices and policies; they informed quality improvement strategies at our local weight management clinic in Edmonton, including a new referral pathway for public health nurses and streamlined referrals to reduce families’ wait times. Will share the paper once published.

One of the challenges in research is that, from time to time, a paper will languish for awhile without getting published. This happens for a number of reasons (multiple rejections, people move on to new places and positions, etc). However, patience and persistence often pay off. For instance, Aislin Mushquash (former UAlberta post-doctoral fellow and current Assistant Professor at Lakehead University) spent a substantial amount of time over the past year to finalize a study we completed a couple of few years ago. I’m pleased to say our RCT to compare different food portion size assessment aids among parents of children with obesity was accepted recently by the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. Great job, Aislin! A pdf of the published version to follow soon…


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