Should I Stay Or Should I Go? The Answer Is “Yes”!

The final paper (Farnesi et al., 2019) published from our Should I Stay or Should I Go study rolled off the presses last month, marking the end of one era and the continuation of another.

Back in 2010, we received a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to study families’ reasons and decisions related to engaging in pediatric weight management – Why did they enroll? Why did they continue? Why did they drop out? These questions challenged our assumptions about families, informed new research directions, and most importantly, improved the health services offered to children with obesity and their families.

Our original plan to publish a couple papers on this topic evolved to include 7 peer-reviewed publications, 3 graduate thesis, and >15 public presentations, both for academic and clinical audiences. The study also helped us to establish collaborations with clinical researchers from across Canada, enhancing the relevance of our research and proving to be a lot of fun – learning with and about our colleagues and friends.

Below is an infographic to emphasize some of the highlights of our research. Thanks to Christina Giese for her help in putting this together.


SISOSIG Infographic – End of Study – 29Jul19

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