Children with Physical Disabilities and Obesity: Developing a Research Agenda

Over the past two days, Dr. Amy McPherson hosted a workshop at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (what a beautiful hospital!) in Toronto to identify research opportunities to learn more about children with disabilities and obesity, with the ultimate goals of informing and improving health services for children and their families.

The workshop led off with two powerful, heart-felt stories from parents of children with disabilities who also face challenges with weight management, which are complicated by their illness, medication, and physical limitations. A series of international speakers then spoke on various issues related to physical activity, inclusion, obesity, bias/stigma, and research methods, which was followed by a priority-setting exercise that will conclude today with specific research questions and a plan for follow-up.

Amy is doing a wonderful job in leading this new and timely initiative. Stay tuned as this research agenda continues to develop…