Up, up, and away…part 2!


Our own Arnaldo Perez (PhD Student/Dept of Pediatrics/UAlberta) received a travel award from the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute to attend the upcoming childhood obesity conference in Winnipeg!

Arnaldo will be presenting a poster on research from our multi-centre qualitative study (Should I Stay or Should I Go?) related to families reasons and decisions to not initiate weight management following a physician referral. Congratulations, Arnaldo!


Up, up and away!

Congratulations to our own Jill Avis (PhD Student/Dept of Pediatrics/UAlberta) for receiving a travel award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to attend the upcoming childhood obesity conference in Winnipeg.

While there, Jill will present the results of our recent review on attrition and pediatric weight management, research that was led by former PCWH/Dept of Pediatrics/UAlberta graduate student Jasmine Dhaliwal.


CIHR Team Grant Submitted

Earlier this week, our team grant was successfully submitted to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. In the end, our Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children (Team ABC3) includes 26 researchers from 5 provinces, 11 decision-makers representing provincial and national agencies, and an international Scientific Advisory Board. Our research is designed to improve our understanding and management of severe obesity (SO) in children. Fingers crossed (we find out the results in October)!


We’re Number 12! We’re Number 12!

We learned yesterday that our RMI-Family proposal is going to be funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. In our specific committee (Child Health), they had enough $$$ to fund 12 applications….and we ranked 12th! Thanks to everyone for the support of this project! Will follow-up shortly with more details.


Readiness and Motivation Interview for Families (RMI-Family) – Positive Reviews from CIHR


Today, we received our score from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research on our Spring (2014) grant submission. Overall, we ranked 12th out of 83 submissions, which is good, but puts us right around the cutoff for funding. This research includes our colleagues at the PCWH in Calgary (and is co-led by our friend-of-the-PCWH, Dr. Josie Geller at UBC). The study is designed to validate and test the RMI-Family interview for measuring motivational constructs in youth with obesity and their parents, and to assess whether motivation at treatment initiation helps to predict weight management success, change in lifestyle habits, and program participation / attrition.

Although the comments from reviewers were generally positive, we won’t find out about whether we get the money for another couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!