New Paper Published – Staging System for Pediatric Obesity


As many of you know, the body mass index (BMI) was originally intended as a tool to assess the health of groups and populations. However, it’s application at the individual level was based on it’s pretty good, positive relationship with body fatness and some cardiometabolic health risks. Continue reading

Coming Attractions: Our Research in 2016

The main purpose of starting our blog a couple years ago was to connect our group of clinic-focused team members with our research-focused team members. We work in different buildings across different sites, and our day-to-day schedules are variable, so regular communication can be limited between clinicians and researchers. Continue reading

How Successful Is YOUR Program?

A few years ago, we completed an environmental scan of multi-disciplinary clinics in Canada that were dedicated to helping families manage obesity in children and youth. At that time, few clinics were undertaking research to examine the impact of their health services on the health and well-being of participating families. However, things have changed…in a good way! Continue reading

New Paper Accepted – Metabolically Healthy Obesity in Adolescents

A couple of years ago, I started working with Jennifer Kuk and one of her graduate students (Sarah Heinzle) from York University on a study of metabolically healthy obesity (MHO) in adolescents (n~600) who participated in the US-based National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)Continue reading

What’s New With YOU!?

When first launched, this blog was intended to keep our team (clinicians, trainees, administrators) up-to-date on clinical and research issues regarding the Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Over the past year, it’s scope has broadened to include complementary topics; however, reflecting on recent (and anticipating some upcoming) changes, I thought the following points were worth sharing: Continue reading

New PCWH Research Coordinator

It’s my pleasure to let you know that Melody Cesar has accepted our Research Coordinator position in the Dept of Pediatrics (UAlberta). Along with supporting obesity-related research at the PCWH (most of her time/effort will be devoted to the CANPWR study), Melody will also be working with Dr. Mandi Newton on child and adolescent mental health research.

She’ll be starting with us in late August / early September and will have space in our research office. Looking forward to working with you, Melody!