Severe Obesity & Cardiometabolic Risk in Youth

Recently, a colleague of ours (Joe Skelton, Wake Forest University) published a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine on severe obesity and risk factors for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure, dyslididemia, etc.) using nationally-representative, pediatric data from the US. There’s been quite a bit of coverage of the paper in the media (examples here and here), which highlights the interest and the seriousness of the issue among boys and girls with severe obesity. Finally, our own Nicole Gehring wrote about the study on our Team ABC3 blog, which saved me some work. Thx Nic!



New PCWH Paper Published – Severe Pediatric Obesity

Our most recent paper including data from PCWH families was published online (here) today by BMC Pediatrics. As many of you know, little has been published regarding severe obesity in children, so our paper is relatively unique in showing that boys and girls with SO not only have a worse cardiometabolic health profile, but their lifestyle habits are less favourable than their less overweight/obese peers.

Congratulations to Hebah (PhD Student in Nutrition at UAlberta) for getting her first academic publication!