Coming Attractions: Our Research in 2016

The main purpose of starting our blog a couple years ago was to connect our group of clinic-focused team members with our research-focused team members. We work in different buildings across different sites, and our day-to-day schedules are variable, so regular communication can be limited between clinicians and researchers. Continue reading

What’s New With YOU!?

When first launched, this blog was intended to keep our team (clinicians, trainees, administrators) up-to-date on clinical and research issues regarding the Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Over the past year, it’s scope has broadened to include complementary topics; however, reflecting on recent (and anticipating some upcoming) changes, I thought the following points were worth sharing: Continue reading

Mobile Home

One of the priorities our team identified at our retreat in August included offering home visits as a therapeutic option for our families.

We’re lucky to be able to learn from our colleagues’ ongoing pilot program in Toronto. Through a partnership between Toronto Public Health and The Hospital for Sick Children, a community-based program for parents and young children with severe obesity is being offered that combines home visits with a group-based program for parents. Dr. Catherine Birken leads this project with her team, and their initial experience (and data!) is very encouraging. This model may also help to address some of the logistical challenges many families encounter with accessing clinical health services (e.g., time, travel, parking).

In Edmonton, discussions are underway to learn from our colleagues who already offer home visits. Specifically, I’m meeting next week with professionals leading the Home Nutrition Support Program at the Stollery Children’s Hospital to learn about their services (what they do and how they do it). Should be great food for thought. More to follow in the weeks/months ahead as this work continues.