New Publication – RIPPLE

Over the past few years, we published several papers related to developing and refining an eHealth intervention for parents to prevent obesity in children. Our Resource Information Program for Parents on Lifestyle and Education (RIPPLE) Study was led day-to-day by Jill Byrne (Avis; PhD Graduand, Dept of Pediatrics, UAlberta). Continue reading

I Need To Walk HOW MANY Miles To Burn Off A Cupcake!?!

A number of studies have examined how front-of-package (FOP) information and menu labeling can influence the purchasing decisions we make in different settings and circumstances (in a grocery store, at a restaurant, standing in front of a vending machine). The underlying assumption is that ‘knowledge is power’; people will make informed, rational decisions at the point-of-purchase and make healthy food choices. While this might work for some people, some of the time, in some settings, this only represents part of the story….not to mention that most people don’t make food purchasing and eating decisions in the absence of emotion.

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