New Publication – PAC

Over recent years, we developed, tested, and disseminated our Parents as Agents of Change intervention for parents of children with obesity. Since dropout is a common phenomenon in the field, Dr. Nicholas Spence (former post-doc with us at UAlberta) led a study… Continue reading

Coming Attractions: Our Research in 2016

The main purpose of starting our blog a couple years ago was to connect our group of clinic-focused team members with our research-focused team members. We work in different buildings across different sites, and our day-to-day schedules are variable, so regular communication can be limited between clinicians and researchers. Continue reading

New PCWH Paper Published – Families Experiences

Not long ago, we completed a randomized clinical trial (The PAC Study) to compare two parent-based interventions for managing pediatric obesity. This week, we published the first of several papers from this project.  Continue reading

PAC-tastic News!

Over the past several years, our team of clinicians and researchers at the PCWH has offered the Parents as Agents of Change (PAC) program to more than 200 Edmonton-area families. From the start, our goal with PAC has been to develop, refine, and test it in our clinic so we could share it with colleagues working in pediatric weight management, especially those who don’t have the time or resources to develop a similar program for families in their communities.

I’m very pleased to say that we recently shared our PAC program with colleagues working in Saskatchewan. They plan to offer PAC to local families in the coming months, which will complement the existing health services they already provide.