Branching Out

On a day-to-day basis, most of the research we do relates to managing and preventing obesity in children. However, a number of years ago, one of my mentors gave me advice to ‘branch out’ a bit to develop additional research interests and projects, especially ones that were complementary to the studies I spent most of my time on. Continue reading

Congratulations, Nadia and Maryam!

Later this fall, many of us in Edmonton will be heading to Ottawa for the 6th Conference on Recent Advances in Preventing and Treating Obesity in Children. Our research team will be presenting data on a variety of topics, including metabolically healthy obesity, parents’ recommendations to enhance enrollment in weight management, and home visits for managing pediatric obesity.

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Congratulations, Arnaldo!

Today, Arnaldo received a Travel Award from the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute (UAlberta) to support his participation in the upcoming Canadian Obesity Summit in Toronto. At the conference, he’ll be presenting a poster regarding parents’ strategies to enhance their children’s motivation to initiate weight management, which includes data from our Should I Stay or Should I Go study. Way to go, Arnaldo!